Customer of the Month

Win Big as Our Next Customer of the Month!

Every month at Red Wing Charlottesville, we draw a lucky winner to receive a $150 Red Wing Gift card, and become our customer of the month! All you have to do to be eligible is sign up for our monthly email. It only takes a second, so next time you’re at the store having your boots cleaned, looking at a new pair of boots from the Red Wing Collections, or looking for some new accessories, sign up! Your submission is good for life, so if you enter once, you never need to enter again… meaning you’ve got a chance to win every single month! Serving our customers is what we’re all about at Red Wing Charlottesville – and the customer of the month program is just one way we like to show it!

February 2020

Congratulations to Carl B.! He is our February 2020 customer of the month. He showed us a pair of his oldest Red Wings (see the picture!), and we randomly selected him to be the winner!

Image may contain: shoes

– What Red Wing Boots do you wear now?

I wear a pair of #2408’s!

– What do you wear them for?

I’m a mechanic and I work on concrete floor every day.

– How long have you been a customer of Red Wing Shoes?

30 +years

– What do you plan on buying with your $150 gift card?

More Boots!

January 2020

Congrats to Rex L! He’s our January 2020 Customer of The Month! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville.

He’s an 8-year customer of Red Wing Shoes. He loves his current pair of Heritage boots, because they look sharp in a pair of dress pants or jeans for when you’re in the office, but they’re still more than capable in the field.

He’s planning on getting a pair of our Iron Rangers with his gift card.

Thanks for participating in our contest, Rex, and enjoy your new boots!

December 2019

Tanya C is our December Customer of the Month! Here’s her story:

My husband and I have been shopping Red Wing for about 15 years or longer. He does construction, and Red Wing Shoes are his absolute favorite! My husband and both of my sons have the logger boots!

I plan on using the gift card for my husband. He is the only one employed and takes care of a family of 6 now (my oldest son has moved out he’s 20) he’s the most selfless man I know and deserves it. He wears the work boots until the soles wear out. He’s needed a new pair for a couple years now so this is such a blessing and perfect timing!! So appreciative!

You guys are more than welcome. Thank you for being customer of Red Wing Charlottesville!

November 2019

Alanda Gregory is November’s Customer of the Month! Congrats Alanda!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked her what she was thankful for. She said “Her wonderful husband and family!

She’s a long time Red Wing 3/4 boot wearer. She wears them whenever she knows she’s going to be on her feet for a while, because of how comfortable they are. That’s a good call! Now, she’s got a $150 Red Wing Shoes gift card to help get her next pair of comfortable boots.

October 2019

Morgan Alexandra is our Customer of the Month for October! She’s won a $150 Gift Card. Says Morgan,

I have been coming to Red Wing for 4 years now. My boyfriend and Dad always shops here! My boyfriend has a pair of your work boots. He works on a farm and these are the only brand shoes that will hold up for him for years!!!

I plan on using the giftcard to buy my Dad a pair of boots for his birthday/Christmas. He had a heart attack last year and we are so lucky to have him here with us. I want to give him something really nice this year and this would be the best gift!

We’re happy to hear your dad is doing better! Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy the holidays!

September 2019

Anthony Marshall Bourn is our September 2019 Customer of the Month!

Anthony bought his first pair of Red Wings (#606’s) two years ago on his birthday. Heck of a present! He’s an auto mechanic and his boots are integral to getting the job done, day in and day out. He’s planning to get some new socks and insoles with his gift card, since his boots are unsurprisingly still going strong! 

Thanks for participating, Anthony!

August 2019

Dawn Fisher is August’s big gift card winner! She participated in our monthly Facebook contest where we asked our fans what they love the most about their job. Says Dawn:

“Favorite part of my job, hands down, is doing a patient’s last hemodialysis treatment before they get a kidney transplant”

That sounds extremely satisfying! We’re glad that you have helped so many people. We hope you enjoy your $150 gift card, and congrats on your big win!

July 2019

Brandy Million is the Customer of the Month for July! She’s won a $150 gift card. 

My husband and I met at the mine we worked at in Louisa. He is a mechanic and has been buying Red Wing boots for years. I have to wear steel toed boots at the mine as well. He also recently started working for Carter Cat and he can’t wear the heeled boots he has and will need to use the gift card asap to get another pair. We are so thankful for this gift!

We’re thankful to have you guys as customers! Congrats on his new job, and we’re happy we can help get him the right boots for it!

Thanks Brandy!

June 2019

Joanne Norford won our June contest, and she’s the Customer of the Month!

She became a fan of Red Wing through her husband, who she says has been wearing our boots (those are his boots to the right!) for as long as she’s known him. Her son wears them now too, so it’s a family thing! She plans on giving her son up the gift card so he can get a new pair of Red Wings for his work.

We’re happy to hook up anyone in the Norford family! Congrats!

May 2019

A big congrats is in order for Brandon Pritchett! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville. He’s been a customer for a little less than a year, and currently wears our logger boots. He wears them on the job, and pretty much everywhere else. Says Brandon

“Truthfully, they’re so comfortable I opt to wear these a lot more than I had ever planned.”

He’s not sure what he’s getting next, but he’s thrilled to be our winner! Congrats again Brandon!

April 2019

Robbie Harris is our winner in April!

Robbie’s never bought a pair of Red Wings before, but followed our page because he always wanted to. He’s got his chance now, as the $150 gift card he won will go a long way towards his first pair!

We’re excited for Robbie’s win… thanks for participating!

March 2019

Heather Woodson wins! She won a $150 gift card for her boyfriend.

Heather, her boyfriend, and her dad have all been customers of Red Wing Shoes for years. They wear them for work and for fun! Her boyfriend is a tractor trailer mechanic, and was in definite need of a new pair of Red Wings. Good thing he’s got an awesome girlfriend!

Congrats Heather! Hope your boyfriend enjoys his new boots!

February 2019

Chris Lawson is the big winner for February!

He’s been a Red Wing customer for 8 years, and wears our boots for work and for fun. He wasn’t sure yet what he was going to buy with his $150 gift card, but since it doesn’t expire, he’s good to go!

Congrats Chris! Enjoy your new boots!

January 2019

Eric Michael is our Customer of the Month for January!

He told us what he loved best about his Red Wings, and for that, we hooked him up with a $150 gift card. He’s been a customer since we opened and loves our boots. He was thrilled to have won! He’s planning on using it to buy some of our orthopedic inserts, since his boots are still good to go.

Thanks for signing up Eric!

January 2019

Eric Michael is our Customer of the Month for January!

He told us what he loved best about his Red Wings, and for that, we hooked him up with a $150 gift card. He’s been a customer since we opened and loves our boots. He was thrilled to have won! He’s planning on using it to buy some of our orthopedic inserts, since his boots are still good to go.

Thanks for signing up Eric!

December 2018

Last month, we held another one of our awesome contests on Facebook. This time we asked our fans to share their Red Wing wish list with their loved ones. As always… you guys killed it!

We chose Danielle Allen as our winner and she won a $150 gift card! Danielle’s been wearing Irish Setters for 2 decades now, and her husband has been wearing our boots for even longer. She planned on sticking this gift card in his stocking for Christmas. Hope he loved it, Danielle! Thanks for participating!

November 2018

Andy Campbell is our big winner this month!

Our Customer of the Month contests on Facebook have been a lot of fun, and that’s what we wanted to focus on in November… fun!  We wanted to hear from our followers what they do for fun when they take their Red Wings off, and Andy didn’t disappoint!

Sounds great Andy! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville for sharing!

October 2018

Steve Evans tagged his buddy, John Wagner, in our October Facebook contest… and they both won a $75 gift card! Steve’s been a customer of ours for a long while, and he loves his 4423’s for work and for hiking the parkway. As a matter of fact, he loves them so much that he’s planning on saving his $75 gift card to use on another pair!

Thanks for participating Steve! Make sure John thanks you!

September 2018

Stephen Backe is our Customer of the Month for September! He let us know how he uses his Red Wings in our September Facebook contest, and we let him know he’s got a $150 gift card with his name on it ready at the store!

Congrats Stephen – thanks for participating. Enjoy your new boots!

August 2018

Congrats to Sarah Johnson! Her comment on our monthly Facebook contest was selected, which means she was drawn as the Customer of the Month for August!

Sarah entered for her husband, Shawn, who has been a wearer of Red Wing Boots for years. He wears them for work, and for play! After all, a pair of Red Wing work boots makes for fantastic protective gear when he hits the road on his motorcycle!

Sarah plans on getting Shawn a birthday present with his gift card. You’re a lucky guy Shawn… and congrats Sarah!

July 2018

Congrats to Richard Inge, our July Customer of the Month! Since he’s the big winner, he’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville!

Richard’s been wearing Red Wing Shoes for 2 decades now. He works with VDOT, and requires versatile, durable, highly protective shoes – and he found them many years ago in Red Wing. His words, verbatim: “Best Boots Ever!”

He’s not sure what he’s planning on buying with his gift card. He might even hang on to it and use it for some new work boots the next time our Mobile Footwear unit is in Lynchburg!

Congrats Richard! Thanks for being a loyal customer!

June 2018

Congrats to Aaron Ward! As the Customer of the Month for June 2018, he’s won $150 to Red Wing Charlottesville!

Aaron has been a Red Wing fan for over 30 years. He’s a carpenter, and needs the best work boots in the world to get him through a long day on the job. He favors our wedge sole boots – and they’ve served him well for over 3 decades!

He’s planning and grabbing a new pair of work boots with his new-found gift card. Congrats Aaron, and thanks for being a loyal customer of Red Wing shoes for so long!

May 2018

Congrats to Trishia High – she is our May Customer of the Month!

Trishia and her Husband are big fans of Red Wing shoes. Trishia had worn her vasque boots for 30 years, and they were thrilled to hear a new Red Wing Store was opening naer them! They both picked up a pair when we first opened – him for work, and her for hiking! They’ve loved them so far, and were thrilled to hear that they had won when they got the call!

Since it’s only been a few years, their boots are still in great shape. However, Trish mentioned that her husband might be in the need of some recreational boots… and we’ve got those stocked to the ceiling!

Thanks to the both of you guys for being Red Wingers!

April 2018

Billy Morris is April’s big winner! He signed up a few years back during our grand opening month. Billy, a Lynchburg native, was in town and decided to stop by get a pair of our famous work boots for his work on the farm. He walked out with some boots, but left something when he did… a winning entry!

Billy’s boots are still in great shape, so he doesn’t need a new pair for work. He does, however, enjoy hiking… so he’s going to grab a pair of our hiking boots the next time he’s at one of our stores!

Congrats Billy… enjoy your new boots!

March 2018

Congratulations to Brandon Pritchett! He is our March Customer of the Month and he’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Shoes!

Believe it or not, Brandon has never bought a pair of Red Wings. He’s stopped by the store a few times but never could decide on what he wanted. He likes the logger boots, as he is a landscaper. However, he liked other boots throughout our collections a lot too.

Fortunately we just made his choice a whole lot easier with what amounts to a $150 discount! Congrats Brandon… we’ll see you soon to pick up your new boots!

February 2018

Congrats to Lin Jones, our February 2018 Customer of the Month!

Lin and her husband (pictured) are farmers. They’ve been fans and wearers of Red Wing shoes for as long as either of them can remember. They wear them all day, every day on the farm!

The timing of this gift card was perfect. Her husband was in dire need of a new pair of Red Wings! Obviously, he was thrilled that we drew her name as this month’s winner… and thrilled that she loved him enough that she didn’t use it on herself!

Congrats again Lin, and to her hubby… enjoy your new boots!

January 2018

Congrats to Kenny Thompson, our January customer of the month! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville!

Kenny works for the university, and got his first pair of Red Wings through their partnership with Red Wing. Impressed with the quality, he came up to the store and grabbed 3 more pairs of varying styles!

He’s thinking he might get a lighter pair with his gift card for the summer – the good news is, the balance doesn’t expire until he spends it, so he can take his time!

Congrats again Kenny! Thanks for signing up!

Christmas Winner!

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to Tammy Burgess Wyland – she is our big winner! She has won our special Christmas gift card contest, and she’s the proud new owner of a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville. Her, and many others, let us know that they #EarnedTheirWings!

Tammy and her son are life-long Red Wing shoes customers.  Her son was in need of a new pair of for his job out in Crozet. Tammy used her newfound card to buy him that new pair of Red Wings for Christmas… so this gift card was perfectly timed!

That’s a heck of a Christmas present. Thanks for entering the contest and congrats again on your win, Tammy!

December 2017

Men's Heritage Boot #8111Congrats to Zach Weisser! He is our December Customer of the Month. He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville!

Zach signed up when we first opened a few years back. He bought himself a pair of 406’s for work and play. He fell in love with them, and was very interested in getting a new pair of boots. Before we called, he was planning on getting a new pair of Heritage Blacksmith boot this month, which is a great choice! He’ll get them at a great price with his $150 gift card!

Congrats Zach! Enjoy your Heritage boots!

November 2017

November’s big winner is Glenn Clayton, Jr!

Glenn signed up to win his $150 gift card during our first couple weeks in Charlottesville. However, that wasn’t his first experience with Red Wings! He’s been a faithful customer for over 20 years. Needless to say, he was thrilled when our store opened in Charlottesville… no more long drives for his favorite boots!

So why does Glenn love Red Wings so much? Because they help him get his job done! Glenn is a beekeeper, and his insulated 6 inch Red Wings keep his feet warm, protected, and sting-free!

Glenn Jr.’s had his boots for a while now, but they don’t need to be replaced quite yet. However, he still had plans for his $150 gift card! He used his winnings to buy a pair of Red Wings for Glenn Sr.!

Congrats again, Glenn. Hope you and your dad enjoy your Red Wings!

October 2017

October’s Customer of the Month is none other than one Mitchell Hillman! Congrats Mitchell!

Mitchell signed up all the way back in 2015, right after we opened. He was looking for a pair of our Heritage boots… specifically, the Iron Ranger! He wanted a pair of boots that was constructed well, offered protection, and looked great while he was riding his Motorcycle around Charlottesville. Our Amber Harness 8111 Iron Rangers were the perfect fit!

He loves his Heritage Boots, and he is planning on grabbing another pair (Boot 1907) with his $150 gift card. Sounds like a plan, Mitchell! Thanks for signing up, and congrats once again!

September 2017

Congrats to Sherry Midkiff! She is Red Wing Charlottesville’s September customer of the month!

Sherry signed up a few months back while shopping for some custom orthotics with her husband. He has been wearing Red Wing boots for a year or so now, and loves the fit, feel, and protection they provide, but wanted to see if he could make them even more comfortable. No sweat! After stepping on our orthotic diagnostic machine, we came up with a perfect recommendation for her husband’s boots, and he’s loved the result! They are thinking they might get another pair of boots for him, or maybe some nice accessories. They aren’t quite sure yet! Fortunately, they don’t have to decide immediately…the gift card balance is good for life!

The Midkiffs knew they had made a good purchase when they walked out of the store… but what they didn’t know was that they had walked out after submitting a winning entry! Congrats guys!

August 2017

Eric ArmentroutCongratulations to our August customer of the month, Scoutmaster Eric Armentrout!

Eric bought his first pair of Red Wings in 2015. Eric is an avid hiker, and was in the market for some new hiking footwear. He was originally looking for a different brand, but after trying on his Irish Setter Tracking hiking shoes – he was sold!

Eric is a Scoutmaster, and has been wearing his Irish Setters extensively ever since he bought them. After a particularly grueling (2 50 mile practice hikes prior to a 75 mile hike) season, in which he conquered the Philmont Trek, his boots were in need of some service… and that’s what Red Wing is all about! He brought his boots up to our Charlottesville store for eyelet/grommet replacement and we took care of him.

Eric’s not sure what he is going to use his $150 gift card for, because after getting serviced, his boots are still holding up great. No worries! The gift card has no expiration, so many seasons down the road when he finally needs to replace his Irish Setters… we’ll be ready!

Congrats Eric!

July 2017

Steven Crouch is our July 2017 Customer of the Month and has won $150!

Steven has been a steadfast customer of Red Wing Shoes for 12 years now. Like many of you, he was thrilled when we opened our new Charlottesville location.

Of course, he’s even more excited now that he’s won a $150 gift card!

Steven signed up to win when he was at the store buying a new pair of Steel Toe, 8 inch boots. As a construction worker, he is very diligent about protecting his toes and feet while working hard every day.

Steven plans on buying another pair of Red Wings when the time comes. He just bought a new pair not too long ago, so it could be many years until he’s ready for another pair… but fortunately, the $150 gift card is good for life!

Enjoy, Steven!

June 2017

Ellis Fauber is our June 2017 Customer of the month!

Ellis has been a customer of Red Wing Shoes for over 4 decades. His work as a bricklayer requires comfort, traction, support, and protection… so naturally, he was drawn to Red Wing and our legendary work boots! He was thrilled when we opened our Charlottesville location, as previously he had to drive all the way to Richmond to get his Red Wings.

Ellis is planning on either getting a new pair of new work boots for the next time he needs them, or getting his wife her first pair of Red Wings. Either way, he’ll be a happy man!

Congrats Ellis!

May 2017

Todd Heeter is the Customer of the Month for May 2017, and he is thrilled to have won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville!

Todd has been buying Red Wing boots for over 3 decades! When he first started his professional career as a logger, he started with a pair of big-box store boots. However, he soon found that they just couldn’t keep up with him and his tough job. He was pointed towards Red Wing boots by his buddies on the job, and he’s been a customer ever since!  He currently wears a pair of logger boots that help him get the job done. Now, Todd has taught his love for Red Wings to his son. It’s all they wear!

He plans on using his $150 to buy a pair of comfortable Red Wings that he can slip on and off when he’s not at work. He likes the 3819 Lakesides from Irish Setter!

Congrats Todd! Enjoy your new shoes!

April 2017

Fred Eubanks is our April 2017 customer of the month! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville.

Fred has been a customer of Red Wing for 10 years. He wears a pair of Red Wings every day! During the week, he wears boot 4423 for work. He loves the protection that the aluminum toe provides! When he’s not at work, he wears a pair of Red Wings for tackling whatever the rest of the day has in store for him.

Fred’s planning on buying himself a new Red Wing leather belt and wallet with his new found $150. As you can tell – he’s a fan of Red Wing, and we’re thankful!

Congrats Fred!

March 2017

Congrats to Stephanie German! She is Red Wing Charlottesville Customer of the Month for March.

Her and her husband signed up when they stopped into our store a few months back. Stephanie had never bought a pair of Red Wings, but her husband knew from years of experience that they were the best boots you could buy! After finding a perfect pair of casual boots for herself, her husband ended up buying a pair.

When we called Stephanie to let her know she had won, she let us know how happy she was with her boots and the service she received at Red Wing Charlottesville. She was ecstatic she would have another chance to pick up a pair of boots from us, and this time, on our dime!

Congrats Stephanie! Thanks for signing up!

February 2017

Congrats to Clay Smith! He’s February of 2017’s winner of our Customer of the Month Program!

Clay is a newer customer of Red Wing Charlottesville. His wife bought him a pair of 9 inch logger boots as a gift for Christmas. Since Clay is a logger, it was a natural match! It was his first pair of Red Wings, and ever since then he’s been itching to get a pair of our Heritage boots. Well, he’s $150 closer after his big win!

Thanks for signing up Clay! Enjoy your new boots!

January 2017

Happy New Year! We’ve got our first winner of the year – Andrew Harriman! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville.

Andrew bought his first pair of Red Wings back in September, and signed up to win while he was in the store. His job as a groundskeeper at Monticello required a pair of tough, warm, waterproof boots, and he found them at Red Wing Charlottesville! He’s been back many times since to have them polished and oiled.

Andrew plans on holding on to his gift card until he needs a new pair. That could be many, many years down the road, but no worries! The gift card is good for life. Congrats again, Andrew!

December 2016

conley-allCongrats to Cathy Conley, December’s Customer of the Month! She’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Shoes, just in time for Christmas!

Cathy signed up to win a few months back while taking a look at some of our selection, at her husband’s suggestion! He had recently bought a pair of our logger boots, and was so impressed with them that he told her he would never buy a pair of boots anywhere else. High praise!

Cathy isn’t sure what she’ll buy with her gift card, but one thing is for sure – someone’s going to get a nice Christmas gift! Congrats again Cathy, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

November 2016

Congratulations to Holly Koontz, our November Customer of the Month! She’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville.

Holly is a long time customer of Red Wing Shoes. She was thrilled when we opened our Charlottesville location because it was much closer to her than our Richmond stores.

She headed up to the store a couple months ago to pick up a pair of steel toe loggers for her son, who needed them for a new job. She figured she might as well sign up for our Customer of the Month Program while she was there, and the rest, as they say, is history!

She plans on using her $150 gift card to buy a pair of Red Wings for her other son for Christmas. We couldn’t ask for a better gift!

Congrats Holly!

October 2016

shirley-elliotclyde-mclaughlin-smalleCongratulations are in order! Clyde McLaughlin is our October customer of the month! He has won a $150 gift card, redeemable at Red Wing Charlottesville.

Clyde received his first pair of Red Wings when he was working with UVA last summer. They got him a pair of Red Wing Irish Setters to help him get the job done. He was so impressed with the quality and protection that he bought another pair of Red Wings – a pair of our steel toed industrial athletic shoes! He’s using them extensively at his current job, renovating “The Old Man’s House,” Monticello.

Clyde’s not sure what he wants to do with his $150 gift card yet. The good news? It doesn’t expire! Five, ten, twenty years down the road, when he needs a pair of great work boots, we’ll be here.

Congrats again, Clyde!

September 2016

shirley-elliotshirley-elliotCongrats to Shirley Elliot, September’s Customer of the Month! She’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Shoes.

Shirley has been a customer of Red Wing Shoes for over 2 decades now. She first experienced the quality and comfort of Red Wings when she was living in Wichita, KS.

Shirley signed up to win when she bought her most recent pair of Red Wings. She needed a high top hiking boot for walking around the trails of Charlottesville, and she picked up a great pair!

Since her hiking boots are so new, she plans on spending her gift card on a pair of boots for her husband. Lucky guy!

Congrats again, Shirley!

August 2016

Congrats to Debbie Fincham… she won a $150 gift card!

Debbie was thrilled to be selected as our August winner! She signed up back in the winter, when she and her husband were shopping for a new pair of boots for his roofing job. They decided on a pair of 8 inch flat soles that were perfect for his line of work!

Debbie has not yet decided to save her $150 gift card for when her husband needs new boots down the road, or to buy a pair of women’s boots for herself.

Either way, we thank you for your business and congrats on your free gift card!

July 2016

Jesse CarterCongratulations to Jesse Carter! He’s July 2016’s recipient of our Customer of the Month giveaway!

Jesse signed up 8 months ago while he was at the store, buying his current work boots. He needed a pair of tall, heavy-duty work boots for his day to day work in the apple orchard.

As is most often the case with those of you who invest in your feet via Red Wing Charlottesville, Jesse had nothing but awesome things to say about his Red Wings when we called to congratulate him!

Being that his boots are just 8 months old, Jesse’s thinking he might just hold on to that $150 gift card. Why not, Jesse? Your gift card is good for life and never expires. Just come see us when you’re ready.

June 2016

Chris ParhamCongratulations to Chris Parham! He is the June winner of the Customer of the Month Program!

Chris signed up at our Grand Opening event last year. He was in need of a pair of excellent work boots for his job, and he couldn’t have come to a better place! Chris has been wearing his Red Wings since then, and was itching for a new pair when we gave him the call… and he’s thrilled he won a $150 gift card to use on his new pair!

Congrats Chris! Thanks for signing up!

May 2016

Resized952016042395134644A big congrats to Brion Draper! He is May’s winner of our Customer of the Month gift card giveaway! He’s won a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville.

Brion signed up the last time he was in our store. He purchased a pair of our heavy-duty work boots on layaway in preparation for the work he’ll need to do this summer. Brion is the CEO of American Made Signs, and it’s a tough job… but it just got a little easier! Brion paid off his layaway, and has plenty left over,with the gift card he won.

Congrats again Brion! Good luck this Summer!

April 2016

Laura RenigarCongratulations to Laura Renigar, April’s Customer of the Month! She’s won a $150 gift card to our Charlottesville store.

Laura signed up when she was shopping for some new boots with her husband. Laura’s husband learned about the quality of Red Wing Shoes from his father, and he’s worn our boots throughout his long career as a carpenter. Laura’s planning on buying him his fourth pair with the gift card she won! Talk about a lucky husband!

Congrats Laura! Thanks for signing up!

March 2016

Congrats to Dennis Hodges, our March Customer of the Month and $150 gift card winner!

Dennis is a long time customer of Red Wing Shoes. He works as a fitter in the steel industry, and his company wisely buys him the proper boots for the job. Not a bad perk! He plans on buying a more casual pair with his $150 gift card next time he makes it in to our Charlottesville store.

Congratulations again Dennis! Enjoy your new boots!

February 2016

Ernest BellCongrats to Ernest Bell, February’s customer of the month! Ernest signed up just a month ago, and had no idea he was about to win a $150 gift card to Red Wing Charlottesville! He already owns a pair of zip-up, steel-toed Red Wing boots for when he unloads the trucks at his job, and was already thinking about buying another pair for when he works in the frozen food section. Now he has an extra $150 to put towards them!

Congrats Ernest! Enjoy your new boots!

January 2016

20151221_173955Congratulations to Nick Swanson! He is January’s winner of our CotM gift card giveaway! He’s won $150, redeemable at our Charlottesville location or any of our 3 Richmond area locations. Nick signed up a few months back, and he and his wife Debbie were very excited that they won! Couldn’t have gone to two nicer people. We have a feeling one of them will have a new pair of Red Wing Shoes on their feet soon!

Congratulations again Nick. Thanks for signing up!

December 2015

Christian KnightCongratulations to Christian Knight! He is December’s winner of the Customer of the Month gift card! On top of being our newest winner, Christian is also our youngest! He signed up to win when we first opened, so by the time we contacted him to let him know he had won, he had forgotten all about it! He and his grandma couldn’t believe he was the winner!

Christian and his grandma picked up their $150 gift card and were planning on doing some shopping. They weren’t sure what to get yet, but we’re guessing Christian will be finding a nice big box under the Christmas tree this year with the Red Wing Shoes logo on it! Thanks for signing up Christian, and congratulations!

November 2015

0c6e7dc6-09bc-40d0-b0ac-96333b89f854Congratulations to Carrol Nassef! She is Red Wing Charlottesville’s November customer of the month! Carrol is a future customer of our Charlottesville Store, and she entered our $150 gift card giveaway contest when she was in the store, shopping for some new boots for her job with VDOT!

Carrol plans on buying a pair of our Steel Toed Logger Boots with her $150 gift card! These boots are excellent at protecting your feet and toes in a multitude of situations, and it sounds like that is just what Carrol needs! Congratulations Carrol, thanks for signing up, and enjoy your new logger boots!

October 2015

20151024_123859Congratulations to October’s Customer of the Month, William Megginson! William signed up a few weeks ago when he was shopping for some new boots. William works the second shift and needed a boot that was rugged, dependable, and comfortable all night long… all things that Red Wing Shoes are world renowned for!

William wasn’t quite sure yet what he was going to buy, but the $150 gift card he won will go a long way towards his boot purchase. We encourage anyone that comes up to the store to sign up, because you could be next!

Thanks for signing up William! We look forward to helping you with your boots for years to come. Keep the signups coming!

September 2015

DSC_0029Congratulations to September’s Customer of the Month, Dan Brown! Dan signed up to win when he was in our store shortly after our grand opening. He bought a pair of Elk Tracker boots that very day. Not even a week later, Dan brought his wife in, and she bought a pair!

When we called Dan to let him know that he had won, he told us that his shoe buying experience at Red Wing Charlottesville was excellent… but don’t just take our word for it: see below for the review Dan left us on Google!

“The old saying you get what you pay for is absolutely true when it comes to the Red Wing Charlottesville store. They give you great individual attention and the service they provide is top notch. At no time do you feel like they are trying to sell you a pair of shoes/boots just for the sake of making a sale…they want you to leave with a pair that fits perfectly and are unbelievably comfortable. I honestly think that if the shoes are not right, they don’t want to sell them to you.

Also, they stand by their products. The boots I bought I can bring back in once a month to have them oiled, laces replaced, eyelets rotated or repaired…all for free for the life of the boot!

I highly recommend checking out Red Wing in Charlottesville. It is the best shoe buying and customer service experience I think I’ve ever had.”

Thanks for the kind words Dan, and we’re glad you enjoyed your shoe-buying experience with us! Congratulations on your win!

August 2015

customer of the monthKatie and her man Julian, who both now live in Columbia Heights, MD (near DC) stopped by Red Wing Charlottesville while in town for a just a few days visiting his family.

They visited with us during our ribbon cutting around 4 pm, after learning the true value of our product from a close friend who just bought a pair of new Red Wings. They were intrigued to learn more, and heard about our grand opening via Facebook. So they asked some questions, looked at some of our Red Wing Heritage boots, signed up for our drawing and left.

Not even an hour later, we drew Katie’s name as our 1st of 2 Red Wing customer of the month Gift Card winners during our official “Grand Opening!” !

Katie and Julian came back before closing and picked out a beautiful pair of 6 inch 10875 Heritage Boots, along with some Red Wing custom orthotics. Julian is a Produce Manager and is on his feet all day long, and needed something functional, comfortable and all the while clean and crisp.

You chose well, Katie and Julian! Congratulations!


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