Red Wing Heritage Guide

The Red Wing Heritage collection speaks to the industrious legacy of Red Wing Shoes. Every Red Wing Heritage boot built today mirrors a style from Red Wing’s early years.

Our brand has earned it’s reputation through perspiration, hard work, and walking, instead of just talking. Our brand was originally created to fulfill the void that was created by the tough, bring-your-lunchpail jobs created by the industrial revolution.

The focus of the Red Wing Heritage collection is combining the finest materials with the work of master craftsmen to create the perfect dress boot. To this end, we source the leather for our Red Wing Heritage boots from our very own S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, MN.

There are a variety of different styles encompassed in the Red Wing Heritage collection. Let’s take a look at some of them!

The Chukka

Red Wing HeritageBuilt for work or play, our chukka boot is the ideal everyday shoe. Both Rugged in appearance and performance, our chukkas fit any style and come in a variety of different colors.

Chukkas are built to match Red Wing quality. The boot’s soft leather upper is constructed with tough, thick leather from the cow’s rear hide in the toe, which greatly increases durability. Softer leather, taken from the belly of the cow, makes up the tongue and the rear, for added flexibility and comfort.

The white crepe outsole originally was to grant traction without marking indoors. For today’s man, the outsole keeps the shoe light and flexible. The sole is easy to replace, so your shoe will last you a long time.

The Oxford

Red Wing HeritageThe Red Wing Heritage collection features a beautiful take on an oxford shoe, in both moc and round toe options. These classic and instantly recognizable shoes were created from historically popular 875 and 877 boots.

Sleek and sturdy, these low cut shoes are ideal for moving between the job site, the office, and the date after work. Oxfords were originally crafted factory floor managers who were on their feet all day, and needed a durable boot, but also preferred  a lighter shoe for some of the lighter work they did behind a desk.

The Round Toe

Red Wing HeritageRed Wing’s Heritage classic 6-inch round toe boot marries a clean, sleek profile with hardy and durable construction.

The simple look of this contributes to its impressive durability. The Red Wing Heritage Round toe is cobbled from just one piece of leather, eliminating the need for structurally weakening seams. However, this process does increase the need for breaking in. Be sure to get the proper fit before you buy a round toe, and be prepared for a break-in period.

The Moc Toe

Red Wing HeritageThe Red Wing Heritage line features a large selection of different moc toe boots. The two most famous in this selection are the 875 and the 877 boots. These are the styles that made the Red Wing name famous. These boots are constructed with the features that define a Red Wing Boot: fantastic Oro Legacy leather and the Goodyear welt, tripled stitched to Red Wing’s white Traction Tred outsole.

These boots can be very stiff at first, and will absolutely take a few long wears to break in. However, they are well worth it in the long run, as once they’re molded to your feet, our moc toes are some of the most comfortable and durable you can buy.  the Moc toes of the Red Wing Heritage line are the our oldest and most iconic boots.

The Lug

Red Wing HeritageBuilt for the Roughnecks of the world, the Red Wing Heritage collection’s lug boots are made to last as long as the wearer. With high-traction lug soles, that were created to prevent slippage, today’s wearer can expect excellent stability on a multitude of surfaces.

Our lug boots run a bit large, and have a break-in period, which means you need to come to the store to get a proper fit first. However, once that’s done, you can expect a long, long life from your lugs.

The Iron Ranger

Red Wing HeritageNamed after the iron miners of Minnesota for whom they were created, our Red Wing Heritage Iron Rangers are as tough as raw ore and as pretty as polished metal!

Iron Rangers are a crowd favorite for due to their aesthetic appeal and durable construction. These are boots that look even better after a little wear and tear. The more creases, scuffs, dirt, oil, and polish, the better.

Featuring Goodyear welt construction and corked rubber soles, the Iron Rangers are relatively light for their large size. The corked rubber sole is remarkably easy to replace, as well, which easily adds years of life. Red Wing Charlottesville can perform sole replacements in store, so stop by.

As with other boots in the Heritage line, the quality of the leather we use to craft these boots  means a stiff initial wear. The break-in period is no cakewalk, but getting a proper fit will work wonders.

Cap-toe Iron Rangers are our most popular, but  Brogue Iron Rangers are available as well.

The Postman

Red Wing HeritageThe Red Wing Heritage Postman was built for people on patrol! The original boot, Red Wing #101, was the shoe of choice for the USPS, as well as police departments across the world. They are simple, and they are understated, but that takes nothing away from their look and performance.

The Postman is constructed from black chapparal leather that can be polished to a fine sheen, but looking fancy isn’t the primary focus of these boots by any means. This polished leather stands up to rain, snow, sleet, and anything else mother nature can through at you.

The Engineer

Red Wing HeritageThe Red Wing Heritage collections engineer boots were originally constructed for train engineers. Coal powered trains produced a massive amount of soot that slickened the train engineer’s workspace, and the need for stable, non-slip boots was born. However, aboard a train, the engineer was a prestigious position, and they also needed a boot that showed a modicum of status.Tall, beautiful,  and sturdy, the Red Wing Heritage Engineer boots are sure to hold you in place on any surface!

The Beckman

Red Wing HeritageThe Red Wing Heritage Beckman line is named after our esteemed founder and boot visionary, Charles Beckman. Beckman was a successful, hardworking cobbler who spent a large amount of time plodding through the muddy streets of Red Wing, MN. To suit his needs, Beckman created a tough, ground-gripping boot that still maintains an aesthetic well suited for office work.

Constructed with featherstone leather, which is only used in Beckman boots, these boots are remarkably sturdy, yet very light for those muddy days.

More of a substyle of the Red Wing Heritage collection, the Beckman line is available in a variety of different styles, including the oxford, the chukka, the cap-toe and the moc-toe.

The Red Wing Heritage Collection is available at Red Wing of Charlottesville

The Red Wing Heritage Collection matches superb style with Red Wing’s legendary durability and performance. It’s time to step up your game and into a pair of these amazing shoes! Be sure to get properly fitted for your next pair of boots at our Red Wing Charlottesville store!