30 Day Service Program

Service. Service. Service!

At Red Wing Charlottesville, our boots speak for themselves in look, feel, quality and longevity.

That being said, what truly sets us apart as a premier boot store is our 30 Day Service Program!

We’re really all about service: before, during and after you first Red Wing purchase. Service is what makes the difference in a day and age when employees at most huge box stores can’t even look you in the eye or answer basic questions. Not here. Not ever.

So, you ask: What does the 30 Day Service Program include? Let us answer!


Service Program

Clean, Polish or Condition

The best way to keep your Red Wing work boots and shoes in good repair is to keep them clean. Not only does the use of genuine Red Wing shoe oil help protect your boots, but it also keeps them looking like new for even longer, which is why every 30 days you can bring your boots into our store and have your them professionally cleaned, polished or conditioned till they shine like new. Plus, this service from Red Wing Charlottesville is 100% FREE!

Replace Your Laces

Even though we test and re-test our Red Wing shoe laces for long lasting quality, we know that hardworking men and women put a beating on their shoes! Your laces will wear down, fray and even split over time if you work hard enough. With our 30 Day Service Program, just bring in your boots as often as you like (we ask once a month), and we’ll not only clean, polish and condition ’em but we’ll also replace the laces for FREE!

Turn The Eyelets

Turning your eyelets is one of those things you’ve never thought about… but just like when you take your car in to rotate the tires and get your alignment checked, this is a great way to keep your Red Wings in “near mint” condition. By turning the eyelets, we balance the wear and tear on them, meaning they last longer. Again, this is a completely FREE service as part of our 30 Day Service Program!

Insole Assessment

While the outside of our rugged Red Wing boots seem to last forever, eventually you’ll start to wear down your insoles. At the end of the day, nothing is more important to us than your comfort and the safety of your feet.

When you bring us your Red Wings every 30 days, we inspect not only the outside but also the inside, and ask you questions about how your feet feel, if you’re feeling added pressure or rubbing on any specific touch points, etc. At that point, we can help you determine if investing in new Red Wing insoles or even custom fit orthotics makes sense.

With our foot scanning technology, we can assess specific soft and hard pressure points which are unique to how you walk and how you stand. By doing so, we can recommend an insole or orthotic specific to you!

Boot Repairs

Even our boots need the occasional small repairs. Resoling your boots alone can extend the life of your boots for decades!

Learn more about our Boot Repair Services.

Why Do We Offer Our 30 Day Service Program?

As we’ve mentioned throughout this website, service before, during and after the sale is truly the bread and butter of our business.

Our 30 Day Service Program is the cornerstone of how we invest in the same customers who invest in us and our products. We really do want you to get the most lifespan out of your Red Wings as possible, all the while enjoying the comfort, durability and protection that is synonymous with our brand.

We know that when you invest in our products you’re investing for the long term. By offering our 30 Day Service Program, we do our part to help encourage you to protect your investment in your feet!

Contact Red Wing Charlottesville

It doesn’t get much better than this!

If you’re interested in learning more about our 30 Day Service Program, we’ll be happy to walk you through what we offer as part of this process. Get in touch by contacting us online, giving us a call at 434-529-6761, messaging us on Facebook, or just heading up to the store!

We look forward to servicing your boots and your needs!

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