Red Wing Heritage Guide

The Red Wing Heritage collection speaks to the industrious legacy of Red Wing Shoes. Every Red Wing Heritage boot built today mirrors a style from Red Wing’s early years.

Our brand has earned it’s reputation through perspiration, hard work, and walking, instead of just talking. Our brand was originally created to fulfill the void that was created by the tough, bring-your-lunchpail jobs created by the industrial revolution.

The focus of the Red Wing Heritage collection is combining the finest materials with the work of master craftsmen to create the perfect dress boot. To this end, we source the leather for our Red Wing Heritage boots from our very own S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, MN.

There are a variety of different styles encompassed in the Red Wing Heritage collection. Let’s take a look at some of them!

The Chukka

Built for work or play, our chukka boot is the ideal everyday shoe. Both Rugged in appearance Continue reading

Red Wing Boot Care Products

Red Wing Boot Care

Red Wing Boot care products are a great way to extend the life of your boots. Sometimes, the complimentary shoe service we provide for free monthly just isn’t enough for the those of you with jobs that really beat up your boots. Here’s some of the great products you can get from your Red Wing Store in Charlottesville!

Boot Cream

Boot cream is an essential part of taking care of your boots. It is available in a huge variety of colors, which are specifically designed for our special Red Wing leathers. Each boot cream is created from a blend of solvents and high quality waxes, with the addition of lanolin. These boot creams clean, protect, and lubricate your leather boot’s surface to prevent cracking and warping while adding waterproofing! It is a must have for home cleaning!

Boot Oil

We formulate Red Wing’s Boot Oil with a blend of mink oil and pine pitch. Continue reading

Free Boot Cleaning

Free Boot Cleaning

Free Boot Cleaning

Bring your boots in (no matter the brand!) for a free boot cleaning from Red Wing Charlottesville right now! 

You heard right: No gimmick; no games; no funny stuff….Just our legendary “30 Day Service Program” treatment on your boots, regardless of your brand, where you bought them or the condition of your boots.

Why We Are Offering Free Boot Cleaning To You 

So why would we do this? We are so confident that (especially you new customers) you’ll walk away happy, that it is worth our time to your boots. You do not have to be our customer nor is any purchase required. We know when you walk into our store and experience our service, see our selection and understand our value that you’ll be back. Simple as that. 

Here is an outline of the core services we offer as part of our “30 Day Service Program” for our Red Wing customers: 

Change Continue reading

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Red Wing Hunting Boots in Charlottesville

Hunting season will be back here soon… and now is the best to take a thorough inventory of all of your gear! There’s nothing worse than being on the hunt with shoddy or broken equipment. After all… you wouldn’t take a rusty rifle out to the blind, would you? We hope not! You’d either restore that ol’ boom stick back to its former glory, or buy a new one. The same goes for your footwear! If what you’re strapping onto your feet before you go on the hunt is no longer quite up to snuff, it’s time to replace them with some Red Wing hunting boots!

Our Red Wing Hunting Boots

At Red Wing Charlottesville, we’ve got a huge selection of purpose-built hunting boots that keep your feet warm, dry, and secure as you stalk your prey. If you’re a fall hunter, we’ve got boots that are lighter Continue reading

Summer Time calls for Summer Boots!

summer hiking

We know that when you hear the name Red Wing, you think of the world’s greatest work boots – and you’re not wrong! Our work boots are our bread and butter – but that doesn’t mean that we’re only serving one dish! We’ve certainly got the boots that will get you through the work day, but what about afterwards? With summer in full swing, you’re hopefully pursuing some of your favorite hobbies and outdoor activities. After all… your feet need protection and comfort outside of work hours! We’ve got your back! Red Wing’s variety of different boot lines and brands feature tons of different options.

Summer Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville

Charlottesville is a beautiful town year-round, but especially in the summer… so get out there and explore it! There’s tons to do around town, and we’ve got a pair of boots for any pursuit!

Red Wing’s Vasque collection contains a huge variety Continue reading

How to Clean Your Red Wing Boots!

Wondering the best way(s) to clean Red Wing boots? Of course you are! You’ve invested wisely in your feet. You want to (like any smart investor) get the most out of your hard earned money. We share that same feeling.

While you can always bring your boots up to Red Wing Charlottesville for a complimentary cleaning and polishing every 30 days, we know not all our customers can make it to our store that often. Truth is, we know some of you just like to take care of things on your own! Whether you’d like us to clean your boots or you prefer to clean them at home, you should approach the maintenance of your boots like you would your car. How often do you change your oil or give your car a bath? In our experience, most of our customers don’t clean their boots nearly as often as they should, which limits Continue reading

Steel Toed Boots for Construction Workers

Steel toed boots

How important are steel toed boots in the construction industry?

For so many working men and women, steel toed boots play a vital role in getting the job done in the safest and most comfortable manner possible. Smart workers know that wearing protective footwear can prevent severe injury, lost pay and even career ending disabilities. So why risk it? Invest in your feet with Red Wing steel toed boots and reap the long term benefits!

Why Steel Toed Boots Are So Vital for Construction Workers

Workplace hazards like falling debris, rolling objects, sharp tools, or shaky/slippery footing can easily cause major foot damage. Broken toes, severed toes and bad toe stubs are far too common on the job and can be prevented or lessened with the right protective footwear.

In specific disciplines within the construction industry, workers deal with hazardous chemicals on a daily basis that can eat right through your everyday, “run of the Continue reading

The New “Vasque Breeze III GTX!”

Vasque Breeze III GTX

We’re excited to introduce the impressive third iteration of our most popular hiking boot, the Vasque Breeze GTX! We’ve upgraded all facets of our already outstanding Breeze boot. We know you’ll appreciate all of the new features!

Introducing… the Vasque Breeze III GTX!

The Next Evolution Of A Hugely Popular Hiking Boot

Before we get into all the specifics from our own experience, take a moment to read the manufacturer’s write-up on the Vasque Breeze III GTX. Here’s a solid overview of what you can expect:

“The next level in trail comfort and performance, the Breeze III GTX represents an evolution of our best-selling boot, ratcheting up technology for the perfect trail experience.”

This boot features Best in Class grip with the Vibram Megagrip compound used to construct the out-sole. Even casual hikers will appreciate the value of excellent grip, not to mention those “hard core” hikers! 

The Breeze III boot is purpose Continue reading

Boot Repairs from Red Wing Charlottesville

Red Wing Charlottesville is about more than just our fantastic work boots. We are proud to be able to offer boot repairs and all other types of shoe services! We pride ourselves on the ability to restore your old or beat up (most often, both!) Red Wings whenever possible It’s a key feature of our business that sets us apart! When you buy Red Wings from Red Wing Charlottesville, not only are you getting great boots… you’re also getting life long service and support from us. 

Red Wing Boot Repairs and Shoe Services

At Red Wing Charlottesville, we’re not just bragging when we say that our boots are incredibly durable. The lifespan of our boots is in decades, not months – so long as you take proper care of them! It’s why we have so many lifelong customers. Red Wingers are well aware of how long their Red Wing boots last!

There’s no Continue reading

Making Red Wing Boots

Red Wing boots

Red Wing Boots – From Dream to Reality

The process for making a pair of Red Wing boots has remained largely unchanged for over 100 years. At the dawn of the 20th century, cobbler Charles Beckman of Red Wing, MN, took note that more and more people took jobs in the industrial or raw material sectors of the economy. As this shift from the farm to the factory took place, the demand for a quality, durable, comfortable work boot skyrocketed. Charles Beckman believed he could create work boots that could satisfy the demands and needs of these workers. He gathered 14 investors and opened Red Wing shoes in 1905 with the vision of the perfect work shoe dancing in his head.

Since that fateful year, Red Wing Shoes has become world-renown as the best source for comfortable, durable work boots. How did they earn that reputation? One of the major Continue reading