Back to Normal!

It’s been a long and tough haul, but we are happy to finally be at the finish line. Effective immediately, Red Wing Charlottesville, in accordance with the advice and guidance of the CDC and the State of VA, is no longer observing the majority of the COVID mask and capacity-limiting protocols we put in place last year. That means one thing… things are finally back to normal!

What this means for you

When the pandemic hit last year, we did everything in our power to protect our customers while staying open to provide them with the footwear they needed to get the job done. We’re happy to announce that we will no  longer require mask wearing at our store in Pantops, nor will we observe reduced capacity limits.

Of course, you are more than welcome to do whatever makes you comfortable – if you’d like to wear a mask, feel free! Additionally, we will still encourage social distancing within the store. And to maintain our commitment to keeping you safe, we will still perform our enhanced cleaning routines for now.

As far as getting your Red Wing shoes and boots go, we will continue to offer direct shipping to our customers.. However, our virtual fitting program has been suspended as it is no longer needed.

Now that we’re able to work with you in person, we recommend all of our new customers come into the store and participate in our “Perfect Fit” boot fitting process. We’ll measure your feet, your instep, your work, and any injuries/notes in order to get you a perfect fit in the boot you need for your job… guaranteed. If the boot doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, in the first 30 days, bring them back and we’ll take them back, no questions asked. The Perfect Fit process only takes about 5 minutes, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it again, face to face, to all of our customers! 

Contact Red Wing Charlottesville with any Questions!

It’s been a rough year or so, and we’re thrilled that it’s over with. We hope that you and your family stayed healthy and happy throughout this drawn out ordeal.

Questions? Concerns? Give us a shout! Contact us online, give us a call at 434-529-6761 or contact us on Facebook! We look forward to seeing all of our customers again.