Finding the Best Work Boots

The best work boots

When it comes to physically demanding and potentially dangerous professions like construction, having the right footwear is not just a suggestion; it’s a necessity for folks that value both comfort and safety. Selecting the best work boots for the jobs around Charlottesville requires careful consideration to ensure they meet your specific job requirements. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the best work boots for your needs.

How to Find the Best Work Boots
Understand Your Job Requirements

Different occupations have different demands. Slip-resistant soles may be necessary for some jobs, while others may require steel-toed boots. While a versatile work boot can provide general protection, you need to know the specific requirements of your job to find a boot that offers optimal protection on your job site.

Get Professionally Fitted

You generally know the second you put a boot on if it’s too small. However, identifying if it’s too big can be Continue reading

Congrats to CATEC’s 2023 Graduates!

Catec's Class of 2023

Red Wing Charlottesville had the honor of celebrating the graduation of a dedicated group of technical students at the Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC). We were thrilled to be part of this special occasion by providing support to the next generation of skilled workers. In recognition of their hard work and commitment, we proudly awarded CATEC’s class of 2023 graduates with Red Wing Charlottesville gift cards, each valued at $175.

Congratulations to CATEC’s Class of 2023!

As a business that serves the hard working folk of Charlottesville and Albemarle county, we take immense pride in supporting CATEC’s class of 2023 as they start their journey into the working world.  We extend our warmest congratulations to the CATEC graduates on this huge achievement, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success as they make a difference throughout the state.


Founded in 1973, CATEC is a regional technical education center that helps Continue reading

Free Boot Cleaning This Month!

Free Boot Cleaning

In today’s world, stretching every dollar is crucial. To do this, you’ll need to take better care of your stuff so it lasts longer. At Red Wing Charlottesville, we understand that long days on the job can take a toll on your work boots. All that abuse day in and day out can dramatically reduce your boot’s lifespan. As always… we’re here to help! That’s why we’re excited to extend our legendary free boot cleaning service, known as our “30 Day Service Program,” to any brand of leather boots.

Bring them on in, and we will clean your leather boots for free right now! 

Why We’re Offering our Free Boot Cleaning to All Brands

Our 30 Day Service Program is typically available for Red Wing shoes and boots only. So why would we offer our free leather boot cleaning to other brands? It’s simple: we want to show our appreciation to Charlottesville’s hard Continue reading

Insoles from Red Wing Charlottesville


Red Wing Boots are renowned for their durability, protection, and quality. We take pride in providing working footwear to hardworking men and women across the country. People know that when they need to get the job done safely, they can rely on legendary Red Wing Boots. But we’re not just about safety; we also prioritize comfort, and our various lines of insoles are proof of that!

While many of our customers find the insoles that come with their Red Wings work great and never need to be swapped out, some customers require additional comfort or support. That’s where our range of insoles comes in.

Types of Insoles

Just like our Red Wing shoes and boots, our insoles are purpose-built for different jobs and different feet. For those with different feet, the right insole can help prevent or alleviate foot and back pain. That makes a huge difference when you’re working overtime on the Continue reading

Hiking Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

The weather finally warming up around Charlottesville can only mean one thing… spring is here! It’s time to start planning the outdoor activities you’re gonna tackle this year… and if hiking’s on the list, you need a pair of hiking boots that will keep your feet comfortable and protected. Red Wing Charlottesville has a huge selection of hiking footwear, purpose built for each type of hiker and each type of hike! 

Hiking Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

Like everything we sell at Red Wing Charlottesville, our hiking footwear is designed to provide excellent support, stability, durability, and protection. Whether you’re hiking on rocky terrain, muddy trails, or steep inclines, our boots will keep your feet secure, warm, and protected.

How do we make such high quality boots? It all starts with the quality of our materials. Our are made from high-quality leathers and traditional fabrics as well as other high-tech, durable and breathable Continue reading

Casual Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

Red Wing is known throughout the world as THE place to go for quality protective footwear. We’re proud of that reputation, and we think it’s well deserved. However, this blog is all about the shoes we think you should put on after you take our boots off: our casual shoes!

Casual Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

We know you love hard work – if you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be wearing Red Wings! However, sometimes the best part of the work day is when you get to take your boots off. That’s where our casual shoes come in!

Our casual footwear styles are perfect for the best part of the day: when you’re relaxing! Extremely comfortable, great looking, and perfect for getting around town – or going out on the town! Wear them to the breweries around town or when you’re brewing beer at home. These aren’t your typical Red Wings… but one Continue reading

Stay Warm, Charlottesville Workers!

Stay Warm in Winter

It’s cold out there, Charlottesville! We’ve already been hit with snow a couple times, and there’s more in the forecast. Be careful out there, guys! Prolonged exposure to the cold can cause discomfort and injury. Staying warm for those of us who spend their workdays outside this time of year is a must. So it’s time to get prepared! 

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy. Here are the basics:

Wear layers
Dress with thicker and warmer materials (wool socks, etc)
Wear insulated boots and jackets
Have as little exposed skin as possible
Stay dry
Use hand warmers when you get uncomfortable, and always keep a hot beverage nearby!

Red Wing Charlottesville can help you out with a couple of these basics. We’re fully stocked with insulated boots and merino wool socks. That’ll likely be all you need for your feet, but don’t forget about the rest!

Here are some tips from folks around Charlottesville about how they stay warm in the Continue reading

The Ultimate Fit Experience: Get the Right Fit For Christmas!


When it comes to work boots – maximum comfort is the goal. Instead of just buying a pair off the rack for yourself or your loved one this holiday season – head to Red Wing Charlottesville and enjoy the Ultimate Fit Experience!

Getting the Best Fit in the World’s Best Work Boots

Once you stopped growing, you found out what your size in shoes was going to be for the rest of your life, right? Nope! While it’s a great starting point, with the variety of shapes, sizes, widths, of folks feet, there’s no such thing as a standard fit.

Throw in the fact that each brand has a tiny bit different sizing, and that shoes within the same brand are manufactured with differing lasts, you are truly doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go get fit first.

No worries, though – we’ve got you covered! Our footwear professionals are perfectly suited to measure Continue reading

Toys for Tots 2022

Toys for Tots


Happy Holidays from all of us at Red Wing Charlottesville! Times are tough, and it’s been hard on many families throughout Central Virginia. Kids throughout Charlottesville are at risk of not having a toy under the tree this year… and we need to help them! We’re doing our part to help them with our yearly Toys for Tots drive – and we hope you can lend us a hand before Dec. 17th!

When the Marines call, Red Wing answers. We’re continuing our dedication to giving back to the community that supports us by partnering with the United States Marine Corps in their annual Christmas Toys for Tots program. 

The Marine Toys For Tots Program

Christmas is a special time of year, and it’s even more special for children. Each one deserves to have a toy under the tree, and the Continue reading

Great Hikes on the Appalachian Trail

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to hit the trails. We’re lucky here in Charlottesville, as we’re extremely close to the unparalleled Appalachian Trail! This world renown trail stretches for close to 2,200 miles and runs through 13 states. At Red Wing Charlottesville, we’ve heard tons of stories of dedicated backpackers who attempt (some successfully, some not as much) to walk the entire stretch in one season, starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia and ending at Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Should You Attempt To Take On the Appalachian Trail All At Once?

Make no mistake about it: hiking the full Appalachian trail in one long stint is extremely challenging, even for the most experienced and seasoned hikers. Not only will you commit from a physical and mental standpoint, but also you have to commit months of non-stop hiking time (difficult for most people with full time jobs)! On average, this full hike takes about 3 Continue reading