Great Hikes on the Appalachian Trail

Now that it’s starting to cool down a bit, it’s time to hit the trails. We’re lucky here in Charlottesville, as we’re extremely close to the unparalleled Appalachian Trail! This world renown trail stretches for close to 2,200 miles and runs through 13 states. At Red Wing Charlottesville, we’ve heard tons of stories of dedicated backpackers who attempt (some successfully, some not as much) to walk the entire stretch in one season, starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia and ending at Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Should You Attempt To Take On the Appalachian Trail All At Once?

Make no mistake about it: hiking the full Appalachian trail in one long stint is extremely challenging, even for the most experienced and seasoned hikers. Not only will you commit from a physical and mental standpoint, but also you have to commit months of non-stop hiking time (difficult for most people with full time jobs)! On average, this full Continue reading

Breathable Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

Breathable Footwear

Man… it’s hot as heck out there. It’s the summer, and it’s been a scorcher! We’ve had days where the heat index exceeded 100, and that’s not just a hot day… that’s the type of day when your phone starts blowing up with warnings from the national weather service to stay inside if you can. Well, some of us have stuff to do whether it’s 100 degrees or 0. For folks like that, we recommend you pick up a pair of breathable footwear from Red Wing!

Breathable Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

We have breathable footwear in almost every one of our brands. Whether we make them breathable with how they’re designed or the type of materials we use to construct them, one thing remains constant: the lack of swamp foot at the end of the day!

Like anytime you buy Red Wings, the key is to talk to us at the store. Continue reading

Recapping the CATEC Sign-To-Work Event!


Last month, the Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) celebrated the graduation of its most recent class… and Red Wing Charlottesville was excited to be a part of that event!


CATEC is a regional technical education center that offers an alternative path to gain skills and experience, as well as a great job, to high school students and adults. Many of Charlottesville’s hardest working folks came from CATEC, and that’s a legacy to be proud of.

The Sign-To-Work Event

As a reward for signing their job offers to work at local businesses throughout Albemarle County and Charlottesville, Ten graduates from CATEC were given a little help from other local businesses. Red Wing Shoes provided $150 gift cards to the graduates. After all…when they’re working hard at the new gig, they’re gonna need boots that work hard for them. More on the CATEC event below:

Red Wing Shoes provided $150 gift certificates Continue reading

Back to Normal!

It’s been a long and tough haul, but we are happy to finally be at the finish line. Effective immediately, Red Wing Charlottesville, in accordance with the advice and guidance of the CDC and the State of VA, is no longer observing the majority of the COVID mask and capacity-limiting protocols we put in place last year. That means one thing… things are finally back to normal!

What this means for you

When the pandemic hit last year, we did everything in our power to protect our customers while staying open to provide them with the footwear they needed to get the job done. We’re happy to announce that we will no  longer require mask wearing at our store in Pantops, nor will we observe reduced capacity limits.

Of course, you are more than welcome to do whatever makes you comfortable – if you’d like to wear a mask, feel free! Additionally, we Continue reading

Summer Time calls for Summer Boots!

summer hiking

Let’s face it… we’re all a little stir crazy right now! With the summer of 2021 right around the horizon, and things starting to return to normal, you’re hopefully pursuing some of your favorite hobbies and outdoor activities. If your hobbies require hard work… we want to help… after all, your feet will need protection after you get off work, too!

We’ve got your back. We know that when you hear the name Red Wing, you think of the world’s greatest work boots – and you’re not wrong! Our work boots are our bread and butter – but that doesn’t mean that we’re only serving one dish. We’ve certainly got the boots that will get you through the work day, but what about afterwards? Red Wing’s huge variety of different boot lines and brands feature tons of different options that will get you through the warm seasons! 

Summer Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville

Charlottesville Continue reading

How to Clean Your Red Wing Boots!

Now that winter’s just about over, it’s time to clean off your trusty work boots. If you’re wondering about the best way(s) to clean Red Wing boots… you’re in the right place!

While you can always bring your boots up to Red Wing Charlottesville for a complimentary cleaning and polishing every 30 days, we know not all our customers can make it to our store that often. Truth is, we know some of you just like to take care of things on your own! Whether you’d like us to clean your boots or you prefer to clean them at home, you should approach the maintenance of your boots like you would your car. How often do you change your oil or give your car a bath? In our experience, most of our customers don’t clean their boots nearly as often as they should, which limits the longevity of the boot over time.

So Continue reading

Give the Gift of Red Wing Shoes!

Red Wing Gift Cards

It’s our opinion that practical gifts are the best gifts. A new toy might be more fun, and that bottle of whiskey might lead to a great night, but there’s just something about giving a gift that your loved one really needs that makes it a bit more special.

We may be biased, but we think that our boots are one of the most practical gifts you can buy for that person on your list! Who couldn’t used another pair of durable, good looking, reliable, high-quality pair of boots?

Red Wing Shoes are purpose-built for their task. Whether that be impressing on an interview, keeping you warm on that trek out to the blind, keeping your toes protected on the workshop floor, or hitting the trails around Charlottesville – we’ve got a boot for it.

However – no need to be intimidated by our diversity and selection. If you’re not sure exactly which Continue reading

Boot Service is Back

It’s been a strange few months, and we’re thrilled to see that things are starting to return to normal. Lockdowns are being lifted, stores are opening back up…. and, we’re proud to announce that boot service from Red Wing Charlottesville is back!

One of the many advantages of buying your work boots from Red Wing Charlottesville is the monthly services we offer on every pair of boots and shoes we sell. So now that we are offering this service again, and why should you bring in your boots every 30 days for us to look at them?

Oil, Clean, & Polish Service

The best way to keep your Red Wing work boots and shoes in good repair is to keep them clean. Not only does the use of genuine Red Wing shoe oil help protect your boots, it also keeps them looking like new for even longer, which is why every 30 days Continue reading

In-Store Safety at Red Wing Charlottesville

Now that our stores are back open, things are getting closer and closer to back to normal. As always, our focus is your safety! However, just like everything Red Wing, we’re doing things above and beyond the call of duty. Keep reading to learn how we’re keeping our store clean and sanitized!

Safety Comes First At Our Stores and On The Shoe Truck

We are adhering to all of the CDC’s recommendations, and going even further, to keep you safe during this time. 

We will be wearing masks
Footwear that is tried on but not bought will be quarantined for 48 hours.
We will be wiping down and sanitizing common surfaces on a routine schedule during the day
Our associates will be practicing social distancing
All of our employees are monitoring themselves for symptoms and taking their temperature daily before coming to work 
The entire store will be thoroughly cleaned and deeply sanitized at the end of the Continue reading

Mobile Shoe Truck 10 Point Safety Protocol

We hope you’re hanging in there, Charlottesville! Things are slowly but surely returning to normal across the country, and while we wouldn’t call it “business as usual”, we’re getting there. On that note – we’re resuming our mobile shoe truck operations in the Charlottesville/Lynchburg area!  Red Wing Charlottesville’s mobile shoe truck is now able to come to your job site for on the spot service!

However, we’ve made a number of changes to our procedures and have adopted a new safety protocol to keep our customers and staff safe.

Safety Comes First on our Mobile Shoe Truck

We are adhering to all of the CDC’s recommendations for safety during this crazy time. More specifically:

We are limiting the amount of customers on the truck to 1 at a time.
Our drivers will be wearing masks and gloves.
An outside seating area will be provided, with seats 6 feet apart in accordance with social distancing guidelines 
Display shoes Continue reading