How to Clean Your Red Wing Boots!

Now that winter’s just about over, it’s time to clean off your trusty work boots. If you’re wondering about the best way(s) to clean Red Wing boots… you’re in the right place!

While you can always bring your boots up to Red Wing Charlottesville for a complimentary cleaning and polishing every 30 days, we know not all our customers can make it to our store that often. Truth is, we know some of you just like to take care of things on your own! Whether you’d like us to clean your boots or you prefer to clean them at home, you should approach the maintenance of your boots like you would your car. How often do you change your oil or give your car a bath? In our experience, most of our customers don’t clean their boots nearly as often as they should, which limits the longevity of the boot over time.

So with “longevity” in mind, if you can remember the basic principles we outline here, you”ll be in solid shape to maximize the lifespan and look of your Red Wings. Just remember: Clean-Condition-Protect!

clean red wing bootsHow to Clean Red Wing Boots

First and foremost, remove all the dirt and grime from your Red Wing Boots. To do so, start by taking off the laces to your boots. Fill a bowl with warm water and, depending on the leather (see below), a cleaning agent. Lightly apply this solution to a brush or cleaner bar. Gently and slowly brush your boots until they are completely clean. For heavily soiled areas, apply a small amount of Red Wing leather cleaner to a clean rag, and gently buff it into the leather.

  • Waterproof Leather: warm water and stiff bristle brush
  • Oiled Leather: leather cleaner/saddle soap
  • Dry-Tanned: leather cleaner/saddle soap
  • Nubuck/Suede Leather: suede brush and cleaner bar

clean red wing bootsHow to Condition Your Red Wings

Once you’ve completely cleaned your Red Wings (and let them dry), its time to condition! To condition your Red Wing boots, apply the appropriate boot cream (see below) to your boot’s leather with a dry, clean rag. Give it an hour to dry, and then gently buff your boots with a soft brush.

  • Waterproof Leather: Naturseal®/Red Wing mink oil paste
  • Oiled Leather: Naturseal®/Red Wing boot oil/boot paste/mink oil
  • Dry-Tanned Leather: Naturseal®/Red Wing mink oil paste/paste wax/boot polish
  • Nubuck/Suede Leather: Naturseal®

clean red wing bootsHow to Protect Your Red Wing Boots 

Now that your leather boots are cleaned and conditioned, take the final step by protecting your Red Wings. This isn’t a step you want to skip, as protecting your boots will make this process a breeze the next time your boots need a little “TLC!” Simply take a bottle of Red Wing’s leather protector and spray a light layer on your boots, while holding your hand about a foot away. Once they’re all dry, you’re done!

  • All Leather: Red Wing leather protector or silicone

Boot Cleaning Videos:

If you’re more of a visual learner, we’ve got you covered! Figure out the type of leather used to hand craft your Red Wings (smooth, rough out, oil tanned), and then watch the corresponding video…

We Hope You Learned How To Clean Your Red Wing Boots!

Now you’re a boot cleaning expert! However, if your needs expand beyond the basics we’ve demonstrated here, you might want to leave the “heavy lifting” to us!

If you have any specific questions on how to clean Red Wing boots, call us at (434) 529-6761, send us a message on Facebook, or contact Red Wing Charlottesville online!