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Get 6-inch steel toe boot 5605 or 8-inch steel toe boot 5805 this month for just $104.99!

These two  full grain leather boots are  perfect for jobs that require superior protection and comfort. Both 5605 and 5805 are feature-packed and already an outstanding value BEFORE the discount. The only real question left is, which one do you want? Don’t be afraid to buy one of each!

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Come check out these boots! This is an exceptional value – where else can you get a pair of boots under the Red Wing Brand for a little over $100! Be sure to get your free, expert fitting from one of our guys beforehand. Like every month… we offer the perfect fit in the perfect boots… at a perfect price! 

Questions? Give us a call at (434) 529-6761 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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