The Ultimate Fit Experience: Get the Right Fit For Christmas!

fitWhen it comes to work boots – maximum comfort is the goal. Instead of just buying a pair off the rack for yourself or your loved one this holiday season – head to Red Wing Charlottesville and enjoy the Ultimate Fit Experience!

Getting the Best Fit in the World’s Best Work Boots

Once you stopped growing, you found out what your size in shoes was going to be for the rest of your life, right? Nope! While it’s a great starting point, with the variety of shapes, sizes, widths, of folks feet, there’s no such thing as a standard fit.

Throw in the fact that each brand has a tiny bit different sizing, and that shoes within the same brand are manufactured with differing lasts, you are truly doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go get fit first.

No worries, though – we’ve got you covered! Our footwear professionals are perfectly suited to measure your fit, precisely, quickly, and accurately.  We call it the Ultimate Fit Experience. See the steps below! 



We’ll use our in-house scanner to analyze your feet! This device measures your shoe size, foot width, arch type, and where you put your pressure…for each foot! Most people’s feet are slightly different in size. This foot scanning technology will provide us with an extremely accurate suggestion for your feet, but if you’re a traditionalist? We still got you covered – wee wouldn’t be a real shoe store if we didn’t a Brannock device on hand!


Now that we’ve got your measurements, now we need to pin down what type of boot you need. We’ll learn what we need to know by asking a series of questions, such as the ones below: 

  • What task are you buying these boots for?
  • What level of protection is required for this task?
  • Is it a desk job, or are you on your feet all day?
  • Any medical issues, or pains in your feet and body?
  • What boots do you have now? What do you like/not like about them?
  • When you wear out a pair of boots, what do they look like?

Each bit of info you give us helps us to find you the perfect fit in the perfect boot for your job.


Now that we’ve got all the info we need – it’s time to try some boots on! Our footwear professionals will bring out a few of their suggestions, and work with you to pick out which ones are perfect… and that means no cramped toe boxes, no blisters, no pressure points, no sweat! Keep in mind – most good work boots have a break-in period. We’ll let you know how long that is, and what to expect!

In short – we know it’s convenient to order your boots online. However, buying footwear sight-unseen is a recipe for a bad fit, and if you depend on your feet to get the job done, that’s just not going to work. 

The solution? Come and see us and take advantage of the Ultimate Fit Experience!


Head up to Red Wing Charlottesville and get a Free Fitting… or Just Give Your Loved One a Gift Card!!!

Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you need. Many people try to “make it work” with an ill-fitting pair of boots only to find themselves sore, hurting, and, in some extreme cases, with life-long foot issues.

Don’t let that happen to you. We’ll happily give you a 100% Free fitting at our store. Just head on up and say hello… we’ll take it from there!

If you’re thinking about buying your loved one a pair of boots and they haven’t had a chance to get fit? Consider a Gift Card from Red Wing Charlottesville instead of guessing. They’ll thank you later!

Give us a call at 434-529-6761 if you have any questions!