Hiking Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville

Hiking BootsHiking Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville are mostly from our Vasque collection. All of the boots in our hiking boot collection are purpose built and specifically designed to tackle the obstacles of the trail, and not just the ones on the ground. Swamp foot or fatigue can knock you off the trail just as fast as a downed tree or washed out trail. You can count on Red Wing brand hiking boots to take you down any path! Expert craftsmen us only the strongest and lightest materials to craft these boots. When you hit the trail with Red Wings on, you’re hitting the trail with quality strapped to your feet!

Purpose built for the Journey

Hiking Boots from Red Wing are created with two extremes in mind: extreme durability with extreme comfort. We make our hiking boots from very tough, yet very light materials. These materials, coupled with the quality of our construction, make our hiking boots capable of taking you further, faster.

Red Wing hiking boots come in a variety of styles, purpose built to every different hiking pursuit. Whether you are a general hiker, trail runner, backpacker, and camper, or winter warrior, we’ve got a set of boots that will compliment your pursuit perfectly. Trail runner boots are low top and provide more comfort with better flexibility. Winter boots  keep your feet warm on the frostier trails with double insulaton. Backpacking boots are best for multi-day or week journeys. Whatever your need, if you’re hitting the hiking trail, we’ve got a boot that will help you get to the end of it.

We’ll see you on the trail.

Some Of Our Hiking Boots

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What are you waiting for? That trail isn’t getting any easier! If you’re serious about hiking and backpacking, we’ve got a great variety of outstanding hiking shoes and boots waiting for you! take the first step by visiting our Charlottesville area Red Wing Shoe store! You can also send us a message on Facebook, contact Red Wing Charlottesville online, or give us a ring!

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