Hiking Season is Here!

The weather’s warming up, the days are longer, and there’s a nice breeze on the air. That can only mean one thing – spring has sprung, and hiking season is here! 

Luckily for us, Richmond and Charlottesville boast some of the nicest hiking spots in the state. However – before you rush out and hop on to some of Virginia’s hiking trails, do the wise thing and thoroughly inspect your equipment. Even the shortest and easiest hikes can be ruined by a sprained ankle, busted shoe, incorrectly sized boot or a boot that’s too light or heavy. Here are some of the most common issues with hiking footwear during hiking season!

Common Footwear Issues During Hiking Season

Your Hiking Boots or Shoes are Worn Out

If you’re a hardcore hiker – or hardcore hoarder, you are way more likely to suffer from this boot problem than others. Hiking boots are expendable items – they are not meant to last forever. Red Wing’s Hiking Boots last longer than almost everyone else’s, but even then – they’ll need to be replaced eventually. Be sure to be honest about the condition of your hiking footwear before you set off on the trail. Having to spend the money to get a new pair of boots when they’re worn out should be viewed as a necessary part of the hobby. 

Your Hiking Footwear isn’t Right for the Job at Hand

You wouldn’t hit a construction job site in flip flops and you wouldn’t wear your work boots to a basketball game, right? So, why would you wear a pair of heavy, insulated boots out on a light trail during the summer?

While some boots are versatile enough for a number of different hiking environments, most are purpose-built for specific seasons. If you’re walking the Appalachian trail, your hiking boot needs are going to be way different, and you should plan accordingly.

Your Shoes Just Don’t Fit Right

We’ve said it a million times by now – GET FIT BEFORE BUYING BOOT. Hiking boots, like shoes, are built to varying specifications and foot shapes. A size 11 in one boot might not fit like a size 11 in another. Or maybe the arch support on that pair isn’t enough for your feet. 

Whatever the case is, get fit by a professional before buying a pair of boots – and spend the extra coin buying the boots from a local vendor so that you can try them on first.

Hiking Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville

In all of the above scenarios, we can help. We have a wide variety of hiking footwear available at our store in Charlottesville, and we have the professionals in place to make sure you get the right fit in those boots. 

If you need us, you can call us at 434-529-6761 or contact us online. Have a great hiking season, Charlottesville!