Red Wing Irish Setter Collection

The Red Wing Irish Setter Collection

red wings irish setter collectionThe Red Wing Irish Setter line is built for those that bring home the bacon with hard work outside. While this sounds similar to our Vasque line, the Irish Setter line is completely distinct. Where the Vasque is light and agile, Irish Setters are built to be sturdy and imposing. If you’re looking for the perfect boot for heading out to the tree stand or an honest day’s work on the farm, these are the boots for you. Irish Setters are all about keeping your feet secure, dry, warm, protected and comfortable.

As with every pair of boots that has the Red Wing logo, Irish Setters are built to be the very best in every regard. These boots are available in a large variety of models, each purpose built for the job at hand! See the gallery and video below to see a few of our more popular models as well as a more in-depth look at some of the great features of the Red Wing Irish Setter line!

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As you can see, the Red Wing Irish Setter collection of boots is specialized for those that spend their hours working and playing outside. They’re tough, durable, comfortable, and offer a ton of traction in almost every situation. With waterproof and insulated varieties, these boots are your all-purpose answer for tackling the challenges of mother nature. Never settle for less; get a pair of Irish Setters!

If you have any questions about the Irish Setter collection, let us know! Contact Red Wing Charlottesville online, drop us a line on Facebook, or visit the store. We’d be happy to help out in any way that we can. We look forward to seeing you, and getting you into the perfect pair of Irish Setters soon!

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