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Red Wing Work Boots

Red Wing Work Boots – The Boots that Made the Company

While not technically a part of a collection, that doesn’t mean that these boots aren’t special. Red Wing Work boots are responsible for the impressive reputation that is always associated with Red Wing Shoes. It’s a reputation for extreme durability, unmatched quality, all without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. If you want to see a pair of Red Wing Work Boots, just look for any job that requires hard work – you’ll find our boots there, strapped to the feet of the men and women who make this country great.

The Ultimate Fitting Experience and Our Boot Families

We’ve got a boot for every job and task; so which one do you need? We’ll help you figure it out via the Ultimate Fitting Experience!

Once you’ve completed the UFX, we’ll recommend you boots within one of our 3 families:

Light Duty

Mid Duty

Heavy Duty

Click the links above to learn more about these types of boots!!

Red Wing Work Boots Gallery

If you want to skip heading down to the work site, take a look at the gallery below to see some of our work boots, both new and used. Also, check out the videos to learn more about what makes Red Wing Work Boots so special.

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Contact Red Wing Charlottesville

Our work boots are special, and it’s not hard to see why. The hard work we put into producing each pair of these boots is how we’ve earned our reputation. If you have any questions about Red Wing Work Boots, Contact Red Wing Charlottesville online, call us at 434-529-6761, drop us a line on Facebook, or just stop on by. We’ll find you a pair of boots perfect for whatever task you tackle next.

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