Red Wing’s Irish Setters

Red Wing’s Irish Setter line has a long, rich history. Join us as we take a look at this beautiful, rustic, and hard working brand

Red Wing’s Irish Setter Line – The beginning!

Red Wing's Irish SettersIt all began in 1950, with boot style 854. 854 was crafted by our master cobblers out of the now-iconic Red Russet leather. The color of this leather, and the hard working nature of these boots, inspired the name “Irish Setters!”. This name would go on to be known throughout the world as the textbook definition of quality, durability, and comfort in workboots.

Modern Technology combined with Proven-for-Generations construction

Proven over generations by hunters and workers, Irish Setters are broadly categorized  as either Hunting Boots or Work Boots. While not all of them fit neatly into one category, and any of them are quite capable of tackling whatever task you have in mind,  you’ll find these categorizations to be a good starting point.

That’s about as neat as it gets though, since every pair of Red Wing’s Irish Setters is purpose built for the job at hand. Work outside in the cold, and need insulated footwear? We’ve got a pair for you. Need the utmost protection? Grab some steel or composite toe Irish Setters. Need some waterproof to slog through some mud? Red Wing Charlottesville has you covered. Need something lightweight for the hike out to the hunting blind? You guessed it, we’ve got a pair that will be great for that.

Now, all of these boots are purpose built. However, all of them are versatile enough that you won’t need a new pair for every new task you take on. Talk to our guys at the store – they’ll find a the perfect fit in a pair of Irish Setters that will be perfect for your needs.

More of a visual guy? Take a look at the Red Wing’s Irish Setter brand video below.

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