sales tax

Sales Tax

On July 1st, 2019, a law that requires most internet vendors to charge sales tax on your purchases went live. The bottom line? You’ll be paying VA sales tax on the stuff you buy online – so you’ll be shopping local more. While online shopping is admittedly convenient, there are actually some advantages to buying local you may not have considered before… and now that the cost is the same? It just makes cents!

The Advantages to Shopping Local

We Know Charlottesville and Virginia

Our store in Charlottesville and our stores in Richmond are owned by a local family, the Gardners. We’ve lived here all our lives. We know Virginia! We know the state laws, safety requirements, compliance certification requirements, big state businesses, and we know all about the crazy VA weather. That means we know what boots are right for your job!

Not to mention, if you have questions? You can come talk to us, in person, to ask them! Of course, you can try on a bunch of boots before you buy (more on that below.) You just won’t get that level of service with an online vendor.

Getting the Perfect Fit

fitIt’s crucial to get the perfect fit in a pairs of boots you’re going to be doing so much hard work in. Work boots aren’t the same as tennis shoes – different brands have different sizing standards, and even the same brand can have different fits for different styles. If you buy a pair online and they don’t fit, you’ll have to go through the process of returning and ordering again.

Skip all that. If you shop at our store, we’ll work hard to get you the perfect fit the first time… and in the event that we don’t? Just come on back and we’ll switch them out the same day. It’s that easy!

30 Day Service Program

Unlike online vendors, we’re all about service after the sale. You’ve invested in Red Wings, and we want to help you protect that investment. For instance… did you know you can bring your boots to Red Wing Charlottesville once a month and we’ll clean, polish, and perform basic maintenance, on them for free? Well, now you know. Come on up!

Sales Tax Isn’t Optional

If you’re going to have to pay sales tax anyway, why not enjoy the benefits of shopping locally? We’re here when you need us!

This New Sales Tax Law is Already in Effect!

The new sales tax laws are a great incentive to shop locally, and we welcome your business. If you have questions or want to talk about boots, let us know! Call us at 434-529-6761,  fill out the contact form, or just message us on Facebook!