Keep Your Boots Clean this Spring!

It’s finally spring in Virginia, meaning spring cleaning will be on everyone’s mind. It’s the perfect time to change the home décor, clean your car, and tackle those boxes in the garage. 

Boot maintenance is also something to consider adding to your To-Do list. It’s easy and affordable, and a little preventative care goes a long way to extend the lifetime value of your boots. You wouldn’t neglect the things you rely on daily, like your car, house, or health, would you?

Let’s take a look at how to give your boots some spring cleaning TLC!

Keep Your Boots Clean this Spring!

Service After the Sale

Luckily, here at Red Wing Charlottesville, we make it extremely easy to take care of your boots. Our 30-Day Free Service allows you to come into the store and get them cleaned, oiled, and polished regularly. 

Comfort and Care

We go the extra mile to consider your comfort. Are your feet getting sore while you’re on the job? Are you not sure if your boots fit correctly? Are you experiencing unexpected wear and not sure what to do? Come in and see us. Finding the perfect boot and keeping up with its care shouldn’t feel like a guessing game. 

Expert Help

In-store, we have a team of experts who are ready to help. We even have a particular machine to gauge your stance, assess your foot’s unique needs, and ensure that your insoles are the right fit. A little one-on-one attention could be your only need to get through the season. 

Professional Boot Maintenance Supplies

For those of you who enjoy DIY maintenance, we also offer a selection of products that can get you off to a great start: 

  • Boot Cream 
  • Boot Oil 
  • Horsehair Brush 
  • Full Kits

With all these resources at your disposal, you’ll easily be able to keep those boots clean all spring!

Contact Red Wing Charlottesville for More Spring Cleaning Tips

If you have any questions or comments for Red Wing Charlottesville, call us at 434-529-6761, contact us online, or message us on Facebook. Or you’re always welcome to drop by the store anytime! We’re always happy to hear from customers and are here to help.

Have a great spring, Albemarle County!