Stay Warm in Winter

Stay Warm, Charlottesville Workers!

It’s cold out there, Charlottesville! We’ve already been hit with snow a couple times, and there’s more in the forecast. Be careful out there, guys! Prolonged exposure to the cold can cause discomfort and injury. Staying warm for those of us who spend their workdays outside this time of year is a must. So it’s time to get prepared! 

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy. Here are the basics:

  • Wear layers
  • Dress with thicker and warmer materials (wool socks, etc)
  • Wear insulated boots and jackets
  • Have as little exposed skin as possible
  • Stay dry
  • Use hand warmers when you get uncomfortable, and always keep a hot beverage nearby!

Red Wing Charlottesville can help you out with a couple of these basics. We’re fully stocked with insulated boots and merino wool socks. That’ll likely be all you need for your feet, but don’t forget about the rest!

Here are some tips from folks around Charlottesville about how they stay warm in the colder seasons.

Tips and Tricks for Staying Warm, From Virginians!

Def hot cocoa or coffee in a thermos as well as hand warmers.
—Aaron S

Eat a big bowl of beef stew and put on plenty of clothes before going out.
—Adrian B

Hot hands and toe warmers!
—Amy C

Flannel/ fleece lined blue jeans will help on the marginal days.
—Bruce C

Get your boots oil treated for keeping the water out and thick socks. Warm clothes and long johns. Keeping your feet dry is very important.
—Carl B., Sr

Stay in! Lol!
—Cindy S

Heated gloves and thick coveralls clothes that fit correctly
—Gary M

Wear Red Wing boots! They are so comfortable.
—Julie E

Layers and decaf coffee!
—Laci A

Bring a container of HOT COFFEE..OR HOT CHOCOLATE…keep hand and foot warmers in your pockets…dress in layers….good boots!
—Linda P

Lots of layers!
—Maria W

Monitor your layers so you never start to sweat.
—Rex L

Good boots loose clothes gloves hat warm jacket and moving around.
—Rhonda W

Under Armour cold gear mock turtleneck, flannel lined pants and fuzzy socks to accommodate my boots!
—Stephanie P

Eat a balanced diet and layer clothes and have good comfortable Boots on!
—Susan P

Layers of clothing and hand warmers!
—Tina A

Stay Warm Out There!

Like we said above, we know we’re not in the arctic circle or anything. However, it doesn’t have to be sub zero to make you miserable. Do what you can to make sure you stay warm out there this fall and winter, C-Ville! 

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