Steel Toe Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville

Red Wing Charlottesville’s collection of steel toe boots features a laser-focus on enduring and total protection for your toes. All of Red Wing’s boots offer enhanced protection and durability. However, our steel toed boots are the ones we recommend for the most dangerous jobs. More than once, customers have walked in to our store and shook our hands because our steel toe boots kept their feet whole. Workplace danger is real. With a pair of Red Wing’s steel toed boots strapped to your feet, you’ll be better protected from it.

Purpose Built for Protection

Our steel toe boots are created by our artisan cobblers with enduring protection as the central focus. The pursuit of building the very best steel toed boots is where Red Wing Shoes began. Charles Beckman, a master cobbler in Red Wing, MN, set out to create a boot that would offer supreme protection to the townsfolk that worked in the oil field and iron mines nearby. The rest is history! Using some of the same time-tested design principles from the 1900’s and modern technological advancement in material and construction, Red Wing steel toe boots are capable of offering the very best in protection.

We wouldn’t have the reputation we have if we stopped there, though. Before any of our steel toe boots make it to the store, we submit the design to independent testing facilities. The testers at these facilities torture our steel toe boots, while conducting an absolutely brutal series of quality tests to ensure that they hold up. The ones that hold up end up on the feet of workers across the world. The ones that don’t never make it to production.

If you work in a profession that requires the extra protection of steel toe boots, then our boots were made for you. You can find steel toe boots in the Irish Setter, Vasque, and WORX collections, as well as others.

Some of our Steel Toe Boots

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