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Summer Time calls for Summer Boots!

Summer of 2022 has been a hot one… but just like always – we have your back. We know that when you hear the name Red Wing, you think of the world’s greatest work boots – and you’re not wrong! Our work boots are our bread and butter – but that doesn’t mean that we’re only serving one dish. We’ve certainly got the boots that will get you through the work day, but what about afterwards? Red Wing’s huge variety of different boot lines and brands feature tons of different options that will get you through the warm seasons! 

Summer Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville


Charlottesville is a beautiful town year-round, but especially in the summer… so get out there and explore it! There’s tons to do around town, and we’ve got a pair of boots for any pursuit!

Red Wing’s Vasque collection contains a huge variety of lightweight, durable, and breathable hiking boots and shoes. No more swamp feet and no more sore feet… and no more twisted ankles! No matter your requirements, if you’re hiking… a pair of our Vasque boots will have what you need to tackle any trail in Central Virginia (and anywhere!).

Red Wing’s Irish Setter outdoor boots are built for the outdoorsman in all of us! They are a little heavier overall, and heavier duty than our Vasque boots. These are the boots you’ll want to wear on the game trail, or when you’re making you’re way out to your favorite fishing hole.

It doesn’t stop there, either! The key to a good pair of summer boots is breathability – and if we listed all the boots that have this feature, this blog would go on for pages and pages! We won’t put you through all that, so just take our word for it – Red Wing Charlottesville has your perfect summer boot!

Contact Red Wing Charlottesville This Summer!

If you’re spending the summer outdoors you’ll need a boot that can keep up – and keep cool! We’ve got a pair for you – head up to the store and let’s get you fitted for them!

If you have any questions – get in touch! You can message us on Facebook, contact us online, or give us a call at 434-529-6761. Enjoy your summer!