Our Favorite Waterfall Hikes in Virginia!

Spring is here! It’s time to hit the trails! With the Blue Ridge Mountains cutting across our state, and the Atlantic on our shores, Virginia has a plethora of amazing waterfall hikes for you to enjoy this summer. Regular hiking is fun, but there’s something special about being rewarded for grinding it out on the trail with a beautiful view of the natural splendor of  waterfall. Here’s a list of some of our favorite waterfall hikes in Virginia, but before you embark, be sure that your hiking footwear is up to the task! If not, well, Red Wing Charlottesville is here to take care of you.

Crabtree Falls

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaYou can find the idyllic Crabtree Falls in Nelson County, VA, six miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Featuring the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi, the Crabtree Falls hike also features a series of five major cascades and smaller ones. A 3-mile trail with four overlooks, you wont be crowded in catching spectacular views of the Crabtree Creek Falls and the rest of the Tye River Valley. This hike is an absolute must-see for anyone who loves the outdoors in Virginia, and beyond!

Bottom Creek Gorge

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaBottom Creek Gorge features a 200-foot high waterfall and hundreds of yards of beautiful wildflowers. Weaving through meadows of flowers and lush outdoors, this four mile trail provides amazing views of the Roanoke river and the falls throughout its length.

Cascade Falls

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaGiles County, VA, is where you can find Cascade Falls; one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Virginia.  A four-mile hike winds around this 69-ft waterfall, which crashes into a large pool surrounded by 200-ft cliff walls. This waterfall hike attracts over 150,000 visitors each year, so you can generally expect it to be more crowded then other waterfall hikes in Virginia! Word for the wise: Check out both (upper and lower) paths of the trail for different, amazing view!

Apple Orchard Falls

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaHead out to Apple Orchard Falls in the Jefferson National Forest for breathtaking views of one of VA’s tallest and most spectacular waterfalls! It is one of the most popular trails in Virginia, and for good reason. We wouldn’t say to expect a crowd here, but if you are looking for a secluded and remote waterfall?

Falls Ridge Preserve

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaFalls Ridge Preserve features miles of trails, with intriguing caves and rare wildflowers… and an 80-ft waterfall for you to marvel at! If you’re in the Roanoke area, this beautiful natural wonder makes this a can’t-miss hike.  

Blue Suck Falls

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaDouthat State Park isn’t easy to get to, but boy… is it worth it. Voted one of the nation’s top 10 parks, Douthat has over 3 dozen miles of trails for you to explore: on foot, on bike, and even on horseback! At the end of one of the trails in Douthat, you’ll find Blue Suck Falls, a beautiful and scenic waterfall!

Falling Spring Falls

Waterfall Hikes in VirginiaThomas Jefferson said that Falling Spring Falls was one of the “most impressive and sublime works of nature in Virginia”. See for yourself! Sure, you can get a good view from Route 220… but for the full view of his stunning 80-ft waterfall, located in Alleghany County (just five miles north of Covington, VA, head to the bottom.

Ready to Embark on one of these Waterfall Hikes? Let’s Get Started!

Two things are for sure: You’re missing out if you haven’t seen what’s at the end of these beautiful waterfall hikes, and you will need footwear that can hack it if you want to knock all of these hikes off your bucket list!

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