Waterproof Boots from Red Wing Charlottesville

Red Wing Charlottesville’s waterproof boots are built to keep your toes and feet dry. Almost everyone has experienced the unfortunate feeling of water sloshing around in your boots or shoes. It’s uncomfortable and if left untreated can lead to serious foot problems. If you worked in a field that required you to get your boots wet all the time then you’d want the very best in waterproofed boots. Otherwise you’d be miserable day at work, and that’s just not an option!

Purpose Built for Dryness

Waterproof boots from Red Wing Shoes are designed to completely protect your feet from exposure to water. We waterproof our boots two, and sometimes even three times over!

How do we achieve this level of waterproofing? First, we use time-proven waterproofing construction methods that we’ve learned over our centuries of experience and learning to create a naturally waterproof boot.

Second, we use materials that are unsurpassed in quality to create our waterproof boots. Our tannery cures its leather through an expensive and time-consuming, but the end result is a leather that is completely waterproof.

We don’t stop with quality construction with quality materials, though. In the final waterproofing step, we completely submerge our boots in cutting edge hydrophobic compounds that repel water entirely. Once all the waterproofing is done, we quality test each model rigorously to ensure it keeps the water out.

We always go above and beyond for our boots, and our waterproof boots are no exception! If you have a profession that requires waterproofed boots, check out our Irish Setter, Vasque, and WORX brands.

Some of our Waterproof Boots

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Staying dry is often the key to staying focused and on point while on the job.  Why put up with anything less than the total dryness?

Take the first step towards 100% dry feet by stopping by our store. We will walk you through all the options and then make custom recommendations based on your needs.

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