Insoles from Red Wing Charlottesville

Red Wing Boots are renowned for their durability, protection, and quality. We take pride in providing working footwear to hardworking men and women across the country. People know that when they need to get the job done safely, they can rely on legendary Red Wing Boots. But we’re not just about safety; we also prioritize comfort, and our various lines of insoles are proof of that!

While many of our customers find the insoles that come with their Red Wings work great and never need to be swapped out, some customers require additional comfort or support. That’s where our range of insoles comes in.

Types of Insoles

Just like our Red Wing shoes and boots, our insoles are purpose-built for different jobs and different feet. For those with different feet, the right insole can help prevent or alleviate foot and back pain. That makes a huge difference when you’re working overtime on the job site!

Let’s take a look at the types of insoles available at our Red Wing Charlottesville location!


Comfort insoles are designed to offer additional cushioning and support for your feet during a long day’s work. Often made of materials like memory foam, gel, or cork, they help reduce pressure on your feet and spine. These are especially beneficial for those who spend long periods on their feet or suffer from foot pain.


Next, there are support insoles. These are designed to provide additional support for your arches. They can help alleviate pain caused by flat feet or high arches and reduce the risk of injuries such as plantar fasciitis.


Thirdly, we offer Red Wing 3d-printed custom orthotics. These are tailor-made to fit your feet specifically and can provide the most personalized level of comfort and support. They are often recommended for those with specific foot conditions or unique foot shapes or sizes.

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Head to the Store and Get Your Insoles Today!

Our insoles will have your feet feeling more comfortable and supported than ever before. Whether you’re looking for insoles that provide comfort or support or a pair of custom orthotics, we’ve got you and your feet covered.

Visit the Red Wing Charlottesville store today and speak with one of our associates. We’ll take care of all your footwear needs!