Breathable Footwear

Breathable Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

Breathable FootwearMan… it’s hot as heck out there. It’s the summer, and it’s been a scorcher! We’ve had days where the heat index exceeded 100, and that’s not just a hot day… that’s the type of day when your phone starts blowing up with warnings from the national weather service to stay inside if you can. Well, some of us have stuff to do whether it’s 100 degrees or 0. For folks like that, we recommend you pick up a pair of breathable footwear from Red Wing!

Breathable Footwear from Red Wing Charlottesville

We have breathable footwear in almost every one of our brands. Whether we make them breathable with how they’re designed or the type of materials we use to construct them, one thing remains constant: the lack of swamp foot at the end of the day!

Like anytime you buy Red Wings, the key is to talk to us at the store. We’ll work with you to make some recommendations about which breathable footwear is right for the task at hand. 

On top of that? We’ll hook you up with a FREE expert fitting. Look, we get it – online shopping can sometimes be easier than shopping at the store. No denying that. However, what’s not easy is getting a pair of boots 5-7 business days after you order them, only to  find out they rub on the heel or don’t have enough toe room. Then you have to ship them back and wait another week or two to take a second shot in the dark on a different size. Skip all that, and head up to the store. We’ll get you the breathable footwear you need, in the size that fits you perfectly, the first time!

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Let those puppies breathe! Get a pair of Red Wing’s breathable footwear from our store in Red Wing Charlottesville. If you have any questions for us, get in touch. You can reach us at 434-529-6761, online, or on Facebook. Stay cool out there, Charlottesville!