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CollectionsRed Wing Shoes has a wide variety of boots purpose-built for each and every job and lifestyle. We’ve grouped these boots into what we call “The Red Wing Collections!” Each of these collections has a unique theme and identity. Rest assured, if you’re on the hunting trail, on the job site, on the hike, or even on a first date, we’ve got a pair of boots that are perfect for the job! We’ve broken each collection out into a separate page, so check them out for more information about each one.

Red Wing Work Boots Collection – The Best Work Boots Ever Made

The heart and soul of Red Wing Shoes, and where we’ve built our reputation for work boots crafted to a level of unmatched quality. These are the boots that you’ll find on every work site in America. Read more.

The Heritage Collection – Classic Red Wing Styles and Fashion

Boots don’t have to be just for work. Our Heritage Collection features extremely fashionable boots that you’d be proud to wear at your wedding: in fact, one of our regulars told us he did just that! The Red Wing Heritage Collection features unparalleled beauty and style while paying homage to America’s best work boots. Read more.

The WORX Collection – Work boots for any situation

Not every job requires full electrical insulation or an impact-proof steel toe and the WORX collection is all about providing a quality work boot for any job that isn’t so rough and tumble. WORX is the the favorite line of chefs, nurses, police officers, and more! This collection features boot styles as varied as our customers here in the Charlottesville – and that’s quite a bit of variety! Read more.

Irish Setters Collection – Specialized for hunting and outdoor work

Red Wing Charlottesville’s Irish Setter line features boots purpose built for those who spend their days working and playing outdoors. Irish Setter boots have become the gold standard for hunting boots and outdoor work boots! Read more.

The Vasque Collection – Our athletic, outdoors, and hiking boots

Crafted for the outdoorsman, Vasque Boots specialize in outdoor recreation. Built for hiking, camping, and basically tackling any and everything mother nature can throw at you while you’re on the trail! Check them out: there’s a boot tailor-made for each and every person! Read more.

Contact Red Wing Charlottesville about our Boot Collections!

Questions about any of our collections? Contact Red Wing Charlottesville online, call us at 434-529-6761, drop us a line on Facebook, or just stop on in – we’d be happy to help you find the perfect boot from our collections.

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  • John Thomas
    John Thomas
    22:08 14 Aug 19
    Very helpful and courteous in servicing previously purchased footware. Very knowledgeable on footware and foot health. I will definitely be a retained customer!read more
    Ricky Shifflett
    Ricky Shifflett
    23:44 11 Apr 19
    Great shoes!! The people here are very knowledgeable. Zachary was very helpful and nice right when I came in. Will be back!!read more
    George H.
    George H.
    13:55 11 Apr 19
    Bought my first pair of RW's last week and must say that my experience was exceptional. The store manager worked with me for over an hour to find the boot that worked for me. I returned home only to notice that my toes were touching the end of the toe box. I returned the next day with the boots and Carl found me another pair (model 415) one size up and they fit me perfectly and I could not be happier. Like I said, exceptional customer service and boots, thanks Red Wing of C'Ville.read more
    Jas Roberts
    Jas Roberts
    16:54 26 Mar 19
    I’ll ONLY be buying boots from this store and from Cathy, in the past the guys always are rushing me or making it seem like they have better things to do than help me and I’m not sure if it was the change in management or change in employees but this was the first time I’ve been helped properly and felt like I was taken care of in this store. Thank you Cathy!read more
    Free America
    Free America
    14:46 22 Feb 19
    Bought my first pair of Redwing Boots yesterday after being loyal to another manufacturer for years.. I wish I’d of done this sooner. I’m 3 hours into a 12 hour shift and my feet feel great. I’d usually be trying to find a place to sit down by now 😂 The staff greeted me as soon as I entered asked me what I was looking for and helped me figure out my size right away. Best $200 I’ve ever spent on boots. Planning to make another trip there next month to get another pair for casual wear. Go check this place out, your feet will thank youread more
    Jonathan Petrakakos
    Jonathan Petrakakos
    17:39 13 Dec 18
    Clean and inviting shop with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Kathy was kind and answered all of my questions with a smile. Will certainty be back!read more
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